As US Faces Increasing Instability, India Steps Into Hold Back China

by Micha Gefen

The world’s largest Democracy appears set on being the world’s gatekeeper to its East as India ups its game against China – not only in the mountains but at sea.

India has been quietly increasing its navy might to push back on China’s growing military power in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean is the main thouroughfare in which much of the Middle East Oil flows East.

China has been nurturing Pakistan as well as Bangladesh for years. Recently, it has been focused on using these countries as well as others to surround India with a string of naval bases.

If a war breaks out, China would appear to have the upper hand. However, India has also made changes in their navy With increased technology, purchases and a growing alliance with USA and others, India is now growing in naval superiority at a fast pace.

Can Israel Help?

With Israel being torn between siding with India and keeping relations with Beijing alive, it is hard pressed to pick sides. China offered Israel a directional pivot during the Obama years, but may be more of a liability now that it has taken a threatening posture to its ally India.

If Israel decides to fully back India in what is shaping up to be an Asian Cold War, it will scramble much of the geopolitical trajectory Israel has relied on in recent years.

Arab Incitement
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