BBC denies the Biblical City of David ever existed

by Leah Rosenberg

The City of David is Israel’s most important archaeological site. The BBC is furious about it. Look at their absurd accusations and lies against Israel.

The City of David is Real – and Jewish

This is just absurd. Is the BBC supposed to cover the news and the truth, or are they supposed to push an agenda and spread lies about Israel? Well, it is obvious which path they have chosen. There is no journalism in what they shared. As the video points out, their entire story is anti-Israel propaganda. The City of David is a Jewish archaeological site that brings the Bible and Jewish history to life. There is hardcore, tangible evidence that this area has belonged to the Jewish nation for thousands of years.

But the BBC is acting as if the Jews stole it from the “Palestinians.” They are promoting the “Palestinian” narrative and all the lies that come along with it.

3,000 Years Old

The Jewish connection to the City of David is thousands of years old. But the BBC, of course, did not mention that. They also did not mention any of the truth of the legality of homes in that area.

What DID the BBC mention? That they are angry that an Israeli gave money to a JEWISH archaeology site. That the “Palestinians” claim they are being kicked out of their homes. The BBC also lied about the organization Elad. This video so accurately explains why this so called “news” network should be ashamed.

The double standard is horrendous. It truly makes you wonder how anyone can believe such lies.


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