The emotional journey of Ethiopian Jews to Israel was captured in this one song 

by Leah Rosenberg

Ethiopian Jews came to Israel because their hearts pulled them toward the land of their forefathers. But the journey was long and hard.

The Journey of Ethiopian Jews

We take it for granted nowadays. People come to Israel on airplanes. Jews from across the world plan their big move and are greeted by family, friends, and strangers who want to welcome them to the Jewish land. They have food, water, clothing, and all of their belongings. But when many Ethiopian Jews came to Israel in the 1970s and 1980s, that was not the case. They were not as fortunate.

Their belongings were scarce. They carried whatever they could on their backs. The journey was long. They were physcially and emotionally exausted.

And sometimes, their loved ones didn’t make it. This song captures the journey of Ethiopian Jews in the most powerful way. It is chilling. It is emotional. And although you might not fully understand because you didn’t go through what they did, you can feel something that you cannot explain. There is just something about this song and the words.

The Pull to the Jewish Land

In the soul of the Jewish people exists a pull that guides them to their homeland. It is irrational to pick up and move from a comfortable life to an unknown life with a different culture and different language. But Jews continue to do it. They continue to pick up and move to Israel. Because when you know you’re going home, you are willing to face whatever awaits you. You are willing to join the rest of your larger family along the Jewish journey.

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