IDF releases rare footage of strikes on Syrian, Iranian targets

by Leah Rosenberg

Don’t mess with Israel. Don’t mess with the IDF. Israel will defend itself and retaliate against those who try to attack.

The IDF Will Fight Back

Israel cannot just stand by while Iran is deep inside Syria and while they join forces to bring down Israel. The IDF can and should respond with force, especially when Israeli military personnel or Israeli citizens have been injured or killed.

And the thing is, Iran is not only dangerous for Israel, but they are dangerous to the entire Middle East and the world at large. It is mind-boggling that some people do not realize the threat.

And Syria? They have been destroying their own country and people and wreaking havoc for years and years. When Israel stops terrorism, they are not only saving themselves, but they are saving others as well.

If President Biden wins, going back into the Iran deal will be catastrophic. It is clear what kind of regime Iran is. It is clear that they have their hand and money in terrorism throughout the world – against Israel and against the rest of the free world. Who would want to allow that?

You cannot appease terrorists. It will only come back to bite you.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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