The discrimination against Palestinian Arab “refugees” in…Syria

by Leah Rosenberg

Here is the truth about the real discrimination against Palestinian Arab refugees. And no, Israel is not the one mistreating them!

Discrimination of Palestinian Arabs

The discrimination against Palestinian Arab refugees is not happening in Israel. In fact, it has happening in Syria. Syria has not and will not take in these so-called refugees as citizens. There are no more Jewish refugees from the Arab countries that expelled them decades ago because they were taken in and integrated into countries like America, Israel and other places. Yet the Arab countries will not give citizenship to these Palestinian Arabs.

In Syria, they are mistreated. They are targeted by Assad’s evil regime. But do you hear anyone speaking out for them? Where are their fellow brothers and sisters in America and throughout the world who actually could make a difference?

Where Are You, Rashida and Linda?

Don’t you wonder where the Palestinian Arab voices are to speak up for their suffering brothers and sisters in Syria? They are nowhere to be found. Why? Because they are too busy criticizing Israel and targeting the one Jewish state – the state that ACTUALLY treats Palestinian Arabs well.

Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour, and all the others who demonize Israel and ignore the real plight of their fellow Palestinian Arabs – wake up. Get over Israel and trying to destroy the Jewish state. And go focus on the distress of your people in Syria and other Arab countries. Ask Syria why they refuse to grant citizenship to the Palestinian Arabs. Ask them why they mistreat them. And stop focusing on Israel.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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