THIS is how you shut down Linda Sarsour’s lies about Gaza

by Michael Sax

As Gaza terrorists attempt to infiltrate Israel and murder Jews, the media yet again blames Israel. This Israeli mother decided to go on the record and debunk the media’s lies about Gaza.

The media’s lies

Here is the truth about the media’a lies about Gaza. First of all, the Gaza Arabs didn’t choose to die. Instead, large groups of them entered a closed military zone with weapons and began to attack. And if someone attacks in a military zone, you can be assured that they will get a military response.

The Gaza rioters arrived with weapons and intent to kidnap Israeli soldiers. They started fires, burned tires, and used slingshots to project rocks over towards Israeli forces. The Gaza Arabs wanted to infiltrate Jewish towns. Once they got there, they would surely massacre every Jew they see. It happened way back in 1929 and again more recently in 2011 when they slaughtered the Fogel family. Obviously the IDF will respond!

These are not innocent protesters

The Gaza Arabs are not innocent protesters. In fact, they are Hamas terrorists and want to kill Jews. In fact, the Hamas terrorist group even admitted that the vast majority of the rioters killed were terrorists! When the media calls them protesters, it’s like calling 9/11 terrorists “protesters.”  They were terrorists who killed thousands of innocent Americans. Here too, these terrorists are on their way to kill Jews. Let’s hope we can stop them before they carry out their mission.

What Gaza arabs really want

Here is what they say, in their own words. “We will take down the border and we will tear out their hearts from their bodies.” And here’s a popular statement they say. “All impure Jews are dogs. They should be burned, they are dirty.” The riots aren’t about protests. They are trying to murder as many Jews as they can.

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