This is what “Palestinian” feminism actually looks like

by Michael Sax

The Middle East is a rough place.  Many of Israel’s neighbors say it plainly – they seek to kill us and throw us into the sea. Furthermore, if they had their way, we would all be dead. The Palestinians say it clearly and the fact they they proudly do so should give us pause before trusting them.

This is sickening!  Want to know how Arab women can attain greatness? This Arab leader has the answer. They make decisions, just like a Muslim extremist terrorist who slaughtered 12 Israeli children, murdered 25 adults, and maimed 70 others. Their heroes are murderers. She is simply a revolting person.

The coastal road massacre

This fatal attack took place in 1978. Dalal Mughrabi led the attack into Israeli territory. Thirteen terrorists used boats to sneak onto a beach north of Tel Aviv.  There they killed Gail Rubin, an American citizen and niece of United States Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff.

The terrorists rushed to the highway and began firing at drivers. They commandeered a bus, shot at the passengers and threw at least one body out of the bus. Then they continued to shoot at passing cars.

Stopping the coastal attack

Israeli police set up a road block with nails to puncture the bus’ tires and stop the terrorists. A firefight broke out.  Police officers broke the vehicle’s windows and instructed the hostages to jump out. The Arab terrorists shot at the fleeing victims. One of the police officers stormed the bus and succeeded in killing two of the terrorists.  However he sustained a shoulder injury in the battle. The bus suddenly exploded and the battle was over.

The arab terrorists killed 38 civilians and wounded 70 others. Nine terrorists were killed in the crossfire and two were captured alive and sent to prison.

The PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) claimed responsibility for murdering 38 Israeli civilians.

Menachem Begin

Afterwards, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin said that Israel “shall not forget the carnage.”  He added that “there was no need of this outrage to understand that a Palestinian state would be a mortal danger to our nation and our people.”  Sadly, the Arab thirst for blood continues to this day and they constantly lead attacks on Israel.

Palestinian feminism looks up to these murderers. What a despicable ideology.

Dr. Risch

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