North Korea Destroys Nuclear Test Site. President Trump Keeps on Proving the Mass Media Wrong

by Avi Abelow

The mainstream media continues to belittle Trump regardless of what he does vis a vis North Korea. Now the summit talks are back on and Pyongyang claims to have dismantled its only known nuclear test site, with journalists invited to witness the explosions.

North Korea claims to have dismantled its only known nuclear test site, detonating explosives and collapsing its entrances in front of international television crews in a highly symbolic move.

Tom Cheshire of Sky News was one of the journalists invited to watch the demolition. He said: “We hiked up into the mountains and watched the detonation from about 500 metres away. They counted it down: three, two, one.

“There was a huge explosion, you could feel it. Dust came at you, the heat came at you. It was extremely loud.”

The gesture is meant to reinforce the pledge by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to stop nuclear tests before a summit with Donald Trump on 12 June in Singapore.

President Trump canceled the June 12th summit citing North Korea’s “hostility” – but on Saturday said things were “moving along very nicely”.

What is Going On?

Well Secretary of State Pompeo says it best:

Journalist Caroline Glick last week mentioned an interesting differentiator between Trump’s foreign policy from his predecessors. Glick mentioned that when dealing with bad regimes like Iran and North Korea, Trump makes it clear to the world that those regimes are evil, and only afterward try to make a deal. All previous Presidents tried to make nice with those evil regimes, without first delegitimizing them for their evil ways. They acted this way out of fear that insulting them would push them to NOT make a deal. Trump thinks and acts 100% the opposite. And so far the others failed and it looks like Trump is succeeding.

For instance, on North Korea, Trump has always been clear about how evil the regime is, even to its own people.

And here is but one example of President Trump on Iran:

“We must ensure that this murderous regime does not even get close to a nuclear weapon, and that Iran ends its proliferation of dangerous missiles, and its support for terrorism.”

Journalist Melanie Phillips also has an interesting take on Trump’s negotiating strategy.

The bottom line secret success of Trump is his overall plan of action, which allows all options on the table, including the threat of military force.

The media and Trump on North Korea

The Media

First the mainstream media had it’s own spin on the summit cancellation

Now that the summit is back on, the media still won’t give Trump the recognition he deserves

Melanie Phillips also voices her opinion on this topic. Regardless of what Trump does or does not do, the media will never admit that Trump gets anything right.

We just hope that Trump continues to use this same approach, of delegitimizing evil regimes, to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Word is that he will be introducing his deal of the century for peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in a months time. We don’t believe the Palestinian Authority or Hamas will agree to any deal, as their historic representatives have said NO to every deal since the beginning of the 20th century. Always choosing violence and terror over peace, it is about time that thet get called out for their evil ways and then see where things lead. Over 20 years of the West treating them as equals to Israel, while refraining from calling out their evil ways, has just led to more death and bloodshed on all sides.

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