President Trump is bringing faith into the White House

by Avi Abelow

President Trump is one of the most faith-friendly Presidents in the White House in recent history. Plenty of Presidents have had strong connections to their faith.  However, President Trump actively allows faith leaders to help him create better policies for the USA.

Executive Order

President Trump recently signed the faith initiative at the White House. As President Trump said himself when he signed this executive order, “I will soon be signing an executive order to create a faith initiative at the White House. The faith initiative will help design new policies that recognize the vital role of faith in our families, our communities and our great country.”

Faith-based organizations and communities are on the forefront of activities with the poor, needy and even prisoners in the USA. Therefore, the President sees their involvement as a huge asset in policy creation to provide the best possible policies for the American people.

US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Many people criticized President Trump’s US Embassy move to Jerusalem.  They claimed that he did it to please his base of Evangelical Christian voters. Well, it is true that the Evangelical community supports his Embassy move.  But, we don’t believe that the President moved the Embassy for that reason.

We believe that President Trump is a man with a deep faith in his religion.  A man with a strong connection and understanding of Judaism.  Someone who wants to make the world a better place based on truth.  Based on all that, he knew it was the right thing for the US Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem.  This was not merely a move to please his Evangelical voter base.

Personality Flaws

Some people dismiss this claim by pointing out the President’s personal flaws, therefore doubting his sincere faith. However, we strongly believe that while President Trump is not perfect, that does not take away from his strong personal faith. Nobody is perfect. We all have our vices and weaknesses. It is therefore wrong for people to put down the President’s strong faith based on his personal weaknesses. Nobody is immune from having flaws and vices.

America and humanity are blessed to have a President with a strong sense of faith. It is thanks to this faith, and the sense of gratitude that comes from a sincere faith, that many domestic and foreign policy decisions will be the proper ones.

Food for thought

With all of the school shootings that have taken place across the United States over the past few years, many people have screamed out in anger at G-d. Questioning ‘how can there be a G-d that allows these school shootings to take place?’

The best and proper response, that deserves much introspection, is ‘this is what happens when a society takes G-d out of the schools.

A very powerful statement to be internalized by all.


Note: As an Orthodox Jew, I do not write out the name of G-d as a sign of respect. In Judaism, we are taught to never trivialize the usage of the name of G-d, which includes writing it out in full. For all those whose faith teaches them that it is disrespectful to NOT write out G-d’s name in full, please understand that in Judaism it is a sign of respect to not write out the full name.

Thank you for understanding. It is the goal of all of us to make the world a better place spreading the goodness that G-d has given to us. Let’s focus on that joint positive goal instead of the differences in our religious cultures. Thank you for understanding.

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