The lowest tree on Earth is in none other than Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The Dead Sea is exactly that – dead and lifeless. Except for one exception. There is one tree that is located in the middle of the Dead Sea. Every day, one man tends to this tree and keeps it growing. A bit of life in the midst of nothing.

What is the Dead Sea?

Joseph Waks created a masterpiece of 70 different videos in honor of the 70th birthday of the State of Israel.  In this video, he travels to the wondrous Dead Sea – a must-see for any tourists who visit Israel.  There is so little that is alive in this amazing creation of God.  But it is not just a lifeless Sea.  It is filled with minerals and of course – tons of salt.  So, instead of tourists coming to the Dead Sea to swim, they come in order to experience health, buoyancy, and a unique view.  If you swim in the salty Dead Sea, you do not feel refreshed.  It is not salty like an ocean, but super-salty.  So, you want to keep your face far away from the saltiness.  But, it is amazing that one cannot sink in Dead Sea water.  So, basically, the Dead Sea is a unique creation of nature.

Lowest Place on Earth

Why is the Dead Sea so unique?  One of the fascinating aspects of it is the drive from Jerusalem down to the Dead Sea.  Jerusalem is a mountainous city that is very pleasant at night in the summer time.  But, after a 30-40 minute drive that is almost all a downhill drive, you literally feel like you are in a completely different climate when you reach the exquisite Dead Sea.  Because it is so low, literally the lowest place on earth, the salty content of the water is so high.  It is a wonder that can only be truly felt by actually stepping into it.

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