What does the BDS Movement have to say about THIS?

by Chaya Cikk

This is a video about the truth. Israel is helping Palestinian farmers to help grow their farm, introduce them to new technology and many other things. Well, what does the BDS Movement have to say about this?

BDS Movement

The BDS Movement is based in many countries throughout the world. It stands for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. It is a Palestinian led movement to try and help those being oppressed by Israel. They feel Israel is occupying Palestinian land and not giving them the rights they deserve as human beings.

Many people’s views are based on the media, which does not show the good being done by Israel. For example, a conference arranged in Tel Aviv to help Palestinian farmers. Israel is showing them ways to recycle water, the best technology in the agricultural field and so much more. All in all, this helps them grow their business.

If you really want to boycott Israel then look up the things that were invented in Israel. There are many items we use on a day to day basis and even some medicines. You would need to stop using to truly boycott Israel.


Is Israel an apartheid state? No. Apartheid would mean complete segregation between races. That is not the case in Israel. Last week when I walked into my supermarket there were both Jews and Arabs shopping. Additionally, out of 120 members of the Israeli Parliament, there are some members who are Arab. They get to vote in elections as well and attend university.

Finally, please do not say Israel is an apartheid state, it is not. Please research the good things Israel is doing to help all its citizens and the good it does across the globe. Before naming it an apartheid state or calling to boycott Israeli products or sanction Israel.

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