The disturbing truth about Palestinian Arabs raping Jewish women

by Leah Rosenberg

Sadly, Palestinian Arabs raping Jewish women and girls is not a new phenomenon. Why isn’t the world outraged by such a sick crime?

Palestinian Arabs Raping Jews

Palestinian Arabs have been raping Jewish women and girls since before the state of Israel existed. But even if you just take a look at the 7 year span between 2007-2014, the amount of sexual offenses is shocking. 533. On the Israeli side, there were only two incidences 70 years ago. None since then from IDF soldiers or Israeli citizens. The Jewish people have values. Israel has values.

And the world totally ignores it.

The World is Silent

Recently, a 7 year old Jewish girl was raped by a Palestinian Arab janitor working in the school. Not only is it morally wrong and should disgust any sane person, but it is also against international law. It is considered a crime against humanity. But when it is happening to Israelis, the world is silent. The UN did not hold an emergency meeting for the rape of a 7 year old Jewish girl. It is such a hurtful, disturbing, and shocking incident, but the world gave it no attention.

The double standard is frightening. Israel holds itself to a high moral standard, and the Palestinian Arabs do not. Israel investigates any situation of its own people doing the wrong thing, and the Palestinian Arabs not only do not investigate, but they encourage the crimes! If the world cannot wake up to the truth with these disturbing facts about Palestinian Arabs raping Jewish women and girls, then what will make them wake up?

New Israeli Prime Minister
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