He grew up denying the Holocaust. Then he led a trip to Auschwitz

by Leah Rosenberg

You would expect someone who leads a trip to Auschwitz to have grown up as an advocate for history, the Jews, Israel and the truth. Then there’s this man.

The Trip to Auschwitz

Meet Mohammed Dajani Daoudi. In the Palestinian Arab world, sharing the truth means risking your life. But that is what Mohammed did and continues to do. Although he grew up denying the Holocaust, that changed. Israel treated his father with dignity when he had cancer, and it brought out the good in him.

Mohammed has impacted many Palestinian Arabs and helped them realize the truth about the Holocaust. Growing up in the Palestinian Arab world means learning that the Holocaust is a conspiracy theory that the Jews used to kick the Arabs out of their homes. That is a sick distortion of history and the truth. And now, more Palestinian Arabs can hopefully see that – all because of a trip to Auschwitz.

Denying the Holocaust

When people deny the Holocaust, they deny the truth, history, and the evil that was perpetrated by Hitler and the Nazis. It is one of the most antisemitic ways to show hatred toward the Jewish people. To deny that millions and millions of Jews were murdered – really only a few decades ago – is appalling. Survivors are still alive to tell of the horrors. How can anyone look them in the eye and say they are lying? How can anyone tell them that their parents, siblings, and friends were not slaughtered?

It is so common amongst Palestinian Arabs to deny the Holocaust. Maybe partially because it is considered treason not to, but also because they believe it. They hate the Jews so much that they actually rewrite history and change the facts. But maybe all some people need is a trip to Auschwitz. Then they can see it with their own eyes.


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