What Ilhan Omar feels about AOC’s disgraceful concentration camps comment

by Leah Rosenberg

AOC’s comment about concentration camps falsely existing on America’s southern border was horrific. But now Ilhan Omar’s response? It is just disturbing!

Concentration Camps in Nazi Hell

Concentration camps were used by the Nazis to torture and murder Jewish people during the Holocaust. Jews were starved to death. Worked to death. Tortured in ways that no one can imagine.

And what is happening on the border with Mexico? None of that. Illegal immigrants decide to break the law and cross into the US. They are then detained in detention camps for further processing. These immigrants are not starved to death. They are not tortured. And they are not murdered. These immigrants are illegal and chose to cross over the border. They were not taken against their will on tiny trains with no food, water, or bathrooms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – you are so, so wrong. And you should be horrified by your comment.

Ilhan Omar – You’re Wrong Too

Ilhan Omar agreed with AOC. AOC did not apologize, and neither did Omar. Omar distorted the truth. She does not know history. And she should be ashamed of herself. Regarding AOC’s comment about concentration camps, Omar said, “I don’t even know why this is a controversial thing for her to say.”

The two of them have no sense of morality. They do not know what it means to speak the truth. They have no concept of honesty. And somehow, they are in the United States Congress. Something needs to change. And it needs to change soon.

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