When a Swedish Church removed crosses to make Muslim migrants feel “welcomed”

by Leah Rosenberg

Muslim migrants began to stream into Europe over the last few decades. But the trickle turned into a tidal wave in the last 5 years. Some countries were wise enough to realize that this was literally a life or death issue for them. This was not the kind of situation that quickly devolves into chaos. Rather, it is a creeping issue that takes years, even decades till one day there is a rude awakening in the country. One day, the majority of the population wakes up and realizes that they have lost power over the most basic elements of their existence – their safety and security.

Sweden as an Example

One country that has taken the tidal wave of migrants to an extreme is Sweden. They have literally taken in the migrants with open arms, providing them with all kinds of freebies, literally enticing them to stay.

With the low birth rate of Sweden, and the high birth rate of the migrants, Sweden now has to deal with a quickly deteriorating majority that they have in the country. A chunk of the migrants will probably assimilate and be productive citizens. The majority will not. They may not even learn the language. They will continue to grow and grow until they have enough numbers to basically shove themselves into power and take over chunks of the country.

Can Sweden do anything about it? Well, for starters, they can quickly change their immigration laws. But as the attitude seen in this video shows, they will probably not do anything of the sort. They will continue to appease and bend over backwards to their new immigrant population. This will lead to a big problem becoming a tsunami. In the coming decades, Sweden may very well become the first Islamic State of North or Western Europe.

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