Terror Attack in the Old City of Jerusalem by Two Muslim Kids

by Avi Abelow

They are Kids!

Two Muslim kids exited the Temple Mount and ran to commit a stabbing attack on Israeli police officers. Thankfully, only one police officer was lightly wounded in the arm. The other police officers at the scene shot at the two young kids and stopped their attack. Both of the kid terrorists were killed by the police officers in stopping their stabbing attack.

What kind of society educates their children to commit “suicide” missions and stab police officers? The same society that educates its children that Jews are evil. The same educational institutions that run military training camps for their children. The same society where parents teach their little kids how to stab. It is death, genocidal culture called “palestine.

Knives on the Temple Mount?

How did these kids have knives on the Temple Mount? Because the Muslims who go up to the Temple Mount do not have to go through metal detectors. After the last Muslim terror attack on the Temple Mount Israel placed metal detectors, but the Muslim world protested and Israel removed all the security metal detectors.

Also, shouldn’t these Muslim kids treat the Temple Mount with holiness? How could they even think about committing a terror attack from their holy place?

The Muslims always desecrate the Temple Mount! Maybe the Mount really isn’t holy to them???

Medical Report

“At 18:08, a report was received in MDA’s Jerusalem Regional Dispatch regarding a wounded man next to the Iron Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City,” MDA said in a statement.

“MDA EMTs and paramedics are treating and evacuating to the hospital a man in his 30s with stab wounds while he is fully conscious and alert.”

“Upon our arrival we found an approximately 30-year-old man fully conscious at the scene,” said MDA paramedic Moshe Cordova. “He was suffering from stab wounds and we bandaged the wounds and stopped the bleeding. He was evacuated to the hospital with minor injuries. The terrorist was neutralized by security personnel.”

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