Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah has never sounded so good

by Phil Schneider

What is it about watching the choir of the Israel Defense Forces that conjures up so many powerful emotions? Is it the quality of their voices? Perhaps. Is it simply watching men and women in uniform sing that gets us excited? Or is it something a little deeper?

The symbolism of the Soldiers of the State of Israel

One does not need to be an emotional person to feel a stirring of when Israeli soldiers sing a song about peace. It is a simple fact that the very existence of an Army in the State of Israel is a wonderful and powerful aspect of the world we live in. For the first time in so many centuries, the Jewish people do not need to agree to be kicked around – there is a solution, and a darned good one. The Jewish people no longer have a place that is just a haven. The Jewish people have a country that is their own, and it is a powerhouse. So, when the entire existence of the Israel Defense Forces is predicated on the idea of protecting the Jewish people – at great danger to the personal lives of the soldiers – it is emotionally stirring to see a prayer IDF soldiers for peace and good tidings.

It serves as a reminder of all of the trials and tribulations that so many have lived through over the generations, and that now we have the power and wherewithal to prevent. Let the boys and girls keep singing – and keep defending the Land of Israel.

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