She killed 8 children in Jerusalem, and she has never been happier

by Phil Schneider

The question that has been asked more than almost any other question about the Middle East is, “When will there be peace in the Middle East?” Golda Meir answered this question so properly when she said something like this: “Israel will have peace when the Arabs value their life more than they value destroying Israel.” That’s not a direct quote, but it is exactly correct. The core issue in the Land of Israel is the high value that a minority of powerful Arabs place on killing Jews. It is indeed that simple.

The key to the minds of young terror-oriented Arabs is social media and control of the textbooks. And, yes – in that order of importance. Young people today are impacted enormously by their parents, their teachers, and of course, their textbooks. But, they also spend an enormous amount of time with their cellphones. In the State of Israel, there is free wifi in all major locations of all major cities. This is where young Israeli Arabs spend alot of their time hanging out – alone or with friends.

This is where the United States, Israel, and all Western countries should be investing resources to mobilize the best minds to attack the young minds of Arabs via brilliant short video clips in Arabic. There needs to be a concerted effort to not necessarily Westernize the young Arabs, but to get their minds off of terror and onto other things. It doesn’t matter if they focus on gambling, women, money earning ideas, or lofty values such as the sanctity of life. The key is that they decide to ditch the terror direction.

When Golda Meir’s words actually become reality, then the Middle East will be a peaceful oasis. It will probably take a generation or two.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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