Russia Captures Kherson and Besieges Kiev – Is A No Fly Zone Coming For Ukraine?

by David Mark

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been on record asking NATO to place a no-fly zone over Ukraine. According to reports, President Biden turned it down.

The reason for Biden’s rebuff is that a no-fly zone over Ukraine adds up to American fighter jets engaging directly with Russia, essentially turning the Russia-Ukraine standoff into World War Three, which would become nuclear fast.

However, more and more calls are coming in from across the world for NATO to do something. After all, why have such a formidable military if one isn’t ready to use it.

On Capitol Hill, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) tweeted Friday that the U.S. should “declare a #NoFlyZone over Ukraine” to disrupt Russia’s air operations and “give the heroic Ukrainians a fair fight.”

For now NATO refuses to do anything more than supply some weapons to the Zelensky government.

“We have no intentions of moving into Ukraine neither on the ground or in the airspace,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told MSNBC on Monday. “We have a responsibility to make sure that this doesn’t spiral out of control that escalates even further into concern for full-fledged war in Europe involving NATO allies.”

Reports are also streaming in that Belarus President Viktor Lukashenko has given the green light for Putin to move Russia’s nukes to his country. Belarus has also committed troops to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Russia has now begin laying siege to Kiev. This is after reports have come in that the Russian army successfully captured the southern city of Kherson, coming closer to Putin’s objective of creating a land link between Crimea and the Eastern Donbass.

Approximate areas that are under Russian control. Source – GOOGLE and the Institute for the Study of War

The longer the Russian offensive takes and the more civilian deaths are reported as well as jarring videos of mass bombings, there will be increasing calls for NATO to take an interventionist role. And as mentioned above that almost certainly means World War Three.

The real question, why the push in the first place? No one talked about a no-fly zone when Russia leveled Chechnya from 1999 to 2000 or invaded Georgia or took Crimea in 2014. This of course was a war that the West could have help to avoid. They have been arming Ukraine to the teeth and toying with the idea of adding Ukraine to NATO.

No one disputes what Putin is doing is illegal, but NATO and the USA, which is its patron, were warned since the early 2000’s that expanding NATO closer and closer to Russia, would eventually elicit the sort of war Putin is now waging.

If the West knew this, then why did they do it? Why sacrifice Ukraine to some sort of Post Cold War game they are playing with Russia?

The answer is control. The West is dying. It lacks a purpose; a reason to exist. Its leaders who are essentially bureaucrats, sense that their control is slipping. They lost faith with the public over the corona pathogen; a trumped up pandemic they wanted to use for their economic Great Reset.

The public turned on them and so now, a war, which is essentially NATO’s proxy war with the Russian Federation. This war is giving them the purpose they claim they are meant for. But if Putin was another Hitler, why give him an inch? Why allow him to just take control of Ukraine? Isn’t NATO meant to stop aggression just like this?

NATO needs a villain to have a reason to exist. And now Putin is that villain. In the 21st century game of global control, the wars that are fought are rarely for ideology, but rather between elite groupings of corporate leadership combined with with each side’s military machine. Nothing is truly pure in today’s wars.

So NATO’s war is in a way meant to build up Putin’s image as the archetype of the Shadow as Carl Jung would put it. But the brilliance of the strategy is that it is in fact the elite of the West which may be the real Shadow – attempting to take more and more control of their populace by means of the media and Big Tech.

War is ugly. People die in war. The West is hoping that Putin stops in Ukraine, but unfortunately NATO’s war may actually spiral out of control and pull the rest of the world into it. If so, the scale of death and destruction will be unthinkable and all could have been avoided if the thirst for power within the global elite was quenched long ago.

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