Bitter Vindication – Pfizer Data Exposed

by Etana Hecht

After 2 years of being subjected to the gaslighting campaign of a century, I think there are a lot of people who deserve to take a bit of a bitter victory lap, as the “conspiracy theorists” are being proven right at breakneck speed. While we wade our way through the whiplash of Covid theater morphing into Russia/Ukraine drama, it’s easy to feel frustrated and a little speechless, as we see headlines that casually proclaim that Covid caution is now an individual choice. Obviously, many of us have been on that team this entire time, in the face of the biggest psychological pressure campaign the world has ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that the pressure has finally started to bring down the dominoes of restrictions, but the disbelief at the idiocy that’s surrounded us for two years isn’t going to just disappear. We’re not going to forget who locked us in and masked our kids. (My daughter’s former school is STILL masking the kids, btw. She’s been homeschooled since March 2020.) We’re not going to forget who coerced/pressured/forced us or our family and friends to take the oh so “safe and effective” vaccine. We’re not going to forget that we were called every disgusting name in the book, sometimes by loved ones. We’re not grandma killers, racists, unethical, callous, or intentional disease spreaders, yet we’ve been accused of being all of those. We’ve been called crazy for questioning a brand spanking new medical treatment and we’ve been barred from varying aspects of public life. Our kids have been segregated, locked down, muzzled, swabbed, and they missed a year+ of socialization and extracurriculars.

Governments and health agencies played with minute details of our lives like we were pieces on a chessboard, and too many of our fellow citizens were desperate to play along. The ability of the government to recruit everyone down the chain to enforce completely nonsensical rules has been stunning and I think we’re all still reeling from it.

We cannot allow corporate media, governments, and big tech to simply breeze through this as though they’re not guilty of the crimes listed above, as pressure mounts and truckers convoy. “Our media”, or what I like to call Underground Media is getting stronger by the day, and it’s up to us to keep attention firmly where it belongs – following emerging vaccine data, while politically punishing anyone in positions of authority who enforced the insanity. /End Rant

There’s a crazy level of chaos from all directions right now. Here are some important bulletins from the last couple of days, mainly centered around the first data dump that Pfizer was ordered to release, beginning yesterday.

  • Based on initital reactions I’m seeing, even the vaccine critics are shocked at how bad the first batch of data is for vaccine safety.
  • The story is changing extremely quickly.
  • Don’t be scared off by the title. Emerald Robinson is a fantastic reporter.
  • This one interests me a lot. Dr. Vinay Prasad is starting to scratch the surface of understanding the gap between Covidmania and science. He’s so close, but he still has yet to make the jump into acknowledging that the official government health agencies have been completely manipulating the data they’ve been presenting to the public. If he continues to actually study the data coming out of the Pfizer trials, I think he’s intellectually honest enough to eventually consider that possibility.
  • In the “can this be real” segment, it’s been proven that a tiny piece of the virus has DNA that matches a sequence that was patented by Moderna 3 years ago. The CEO of Moderna has been dumping his stock shares over the last few months, and he recently deleted his Twitter account. In this clip, he’s questioned about the matching sequence.
  • Dr. Malone gives a comprehensive update that’s worth reading through.

It’s time to stop going along with Covid theater, and it’s time to mock and ridicule nonsensical behaviors at every chance we get.

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