Wall Street -Welcome to the Vaccine Fallout Party!

by Etana Hecht

Edward Dowd is a former Blackrock portfolio manager who has been making the rounds on a lot of the underground media channels. Dowd has jumped on board to raise alarm bells about the unfolding disaster that is the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, from the financial side of things. Money talks first, and while the mainstream media might be perfectly content to look the other way when confronted with stories of mass amounts of vaccine injuries, Wall Street doesn’t work like that.

Edward primarily focuses on a few streams of information that’s come out over recent months:

  • Insurance Company Death Rates. Insurance company’s numbers don’t lie, and the story inside the numbers is pretty horrifying. A couple of months ago, Scott Davidson, the CEO of a life insurance company in Indiana made a remark on a Zoom call that went “underground viral”. Davidson said that at his company, claims for deaths have seen a 40% increase in Q3 and into Q4 of 2021. The increase was among 18-64-year-olds, and primarily NOT Covid deaths. He said that this increase is unheard of, by far the highest number of deaths in the history of the company and that a catastrophic, once in 200 years event would be expected to have a 10% increase at worst. Edward collaborated with a friend from Wall Street to gather the exact numbers from some of the biggest insurance companies in the industry. The increase in death rates for the second half of 2021 ranged from +21%-+57%. Bombshell numbers:
  • Funeral Homes. Funeral homes literally can’t hide the bodies. They know how many people they usually bury in the various age groups, and how many they’ve buried in the second half of 2021.
  • Pfizer Whistleblower. A woman named Brook Jackson worked for a company called Ventavia, which was contracted out by Pfizer to run parts of their clinical trial. Brook was in charge of one arm of the trial that consisted of 1000 patients. When her patients became prematurely unblinded, she reported the contamination of the data to Pfizer, assuming they’d react appropriately and according to trial protocol. What actually happened was that they fired her 6 hours later and locked her out of all trial data. After pursuing multiple options to report the data manipulation, Brook opened a lawsuit against both Pfizer and Ventavia, hoping the US govt would intervene and open an investigation. The govt has declined to intervene, and the case is making it’s way through the courts. She will be giving an interview this week with Steve Kirsch, I look forward to that.
  • DOD Data. An attorney named Thomas Renz brought 3 military whistleblowers in front of Sen. Ron Johnson’s Covid panel last month. They brought verified data showing horrific increases in medical issues in the military, including a 1000% increase in neurological issues, a 300% increase in miscarriages, and a host of other issues with similarly troubling increases in 2021 over the previous 5 year average. A full list plus the original DOD documents can be found here.
  • VAERS. While VAERS isn’t perfect, the purpose is to detect safety signals that are important to further investigate. VAERS reports from 2021 didn’t just send out a signal, they sent out a level 5 fire alarm. Check out this fantastic video of Steve Kirsch fact-checking the fact-checkers from Politico about VAERS in real-time.

Edward is hacking away at the brick censorship wall using dollars and cents to raise awareness of this issue. His goal is to crack the information barrier to investors who are already seeing their Moderna and Pfizer stocks falling which will hopefully spark some serious investigations into the fraud that he alleges occured during the Pfizer clincial trials. Meanwhile, ever since he began speaking out a couple of weeks ago, Edward has been what he calls a “lightning rod” for others who have similar concerns to come forward, and he’s been inundated with people from the finance world reaching out. What’s happening now is that investors are beginning to understand the magnitude of fraud at the pharma companies, some quicker than others, and are trying to quietly offload their risk before the avalanche.

Here are a few relevant links if you’re interested in hearing more about what he has to say:

The faster information becomes available to more people, the faster the vaccine narrative will continue to crumble. We’re so lucky to live in an era where information is everywhere. All we have to do is look for it.

Dr. Risch

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