Watch: When Israeli Arabs Ran From Ukraine and Landed Safely in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel made an effort to bring home its citizens safely from Ukraine. Yes, that means Israeli Arabs as well.

Israeli Arabs Land in Israel Alongside Other Israelis

Israel did not only rescue its Jewish citizens from Ukraine. Israeli Arabs were also brought back to Israel. Is that what an apartheid state does? Definitely not. If Israel was an apartheid state, they would choose to leave Arabs behind in Ukraine. And why would these Arabs want to come back to Israel if Israel was truly an apartheid state? Clearly, they are happy to be back home. What does the BDS Movement have to say about this?

Israel may not be a perfect country. No country is. But they do a lot of things right. And they most definitely do not oppress their Arab population. The Jewish state gives opportunities to Arabs that other countries in the Middle East do not give. And anyone who knows the truth knows that. We have to fight the lies spread throughout social media and everywhere else. Even a video like this helps show the truth!

We pray that all those innocent people still trying to flee the war in Ukraine are able to reach safety.

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