Putin Waited for Biden to Become President to Invade Ukraine – Here’s Why

by Phil Schneider

Vladimir Putin waited patiently for America to be weak. then Putin jumped. China is watching. There is no question that China is watching carefully to see what European and North American sanctions are clamped down on Russia. As long as America just expresses wishes for the Ukrainian people and sends some symbolic soldiers to Poland, China is raising an eyebrow. And yes, China has been eyeing Taiwan just like Putin has been eyeing Ukraine.

What D’Souza properly points out is that Donald Trump was constantly accused of being a Putin puppet, while Putin was championed by Democrat supporters as being strong and willing to stand up to Putin. Well, I don’t think there are many people in the Ukraine today who may think that Trump was too close to Putin. Biden is the issue, and America better decide that whomever is an alternative from the Republican party in 2024 will be a better choice than Biden. Pompeo, Haley, DeSantis, and yes – Donald Trump, would all be light years better than what we have today.

America should perhaps be more reluctant at nation-building than they were in handling the War in Iraq’s aftermath. But if America does not lead the world as the world’s policeman, then the West will find itself facing a China-Russian cooperative where Russia keeps spreading west and China keeps spreading east.

Isolationism is as reasonable today as it was in pre-World War II. It emboldens the ruthless tyrants who are looking to take over the world. But, if the United States engages via strong economic pressure coupled with a fist willing to fight, Russia will whimper back into their corner and focus inward while China will stop threatening Taiwan and Australia. The world is too dangerous to have a driver at the wheel who doesn’t even know what day of the week is.

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