America’s Got Talent Star Grabbed the Hearts of the World Before Dying from Cancer

by Leah Rosenberg

America’s Got Talent sees many people walk on stage. Some people make an impact on the entire world. Jane Marchevsky was one of those people.

One of the Most Inspirational America’s Got Talent Contestants

Jane Marchevsky auditioned for the judges of America’s Got Talent. Her stage name was Nightbirde. This young woman blew away the judges of AGT and the crowd – and everyone who watched. But it wasn’t only her spectacular voice that caught the attention of everyone.

It was her story. It was her positive spin on life. Jane Marchevsky was plagued with cancer just a few years before her audition. And she learned to not let it stop her. She learned to view life with a positive lens despite having only a 2% chance of survival. She viewed that 2% as something remarkable.

Because of Marchevsky’s cancer, she could not continue in the competition, even though she received the coveted Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell in 2021. But she made more of an impact on the world than she probably ever realized she would. And when this special young woman passed away recently from her cancer at just 31 years old, everyone who knew her story felt the pain. She exemplified the beauty of living. Nightbirde was a walking example of how to truly live life and view life.

If only we all could take even a tiny part of what Jane Marchevsky gave to the world and implement it into our own lives. The world would truly be a different and better place.

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