The Jewish teen who wowed America’s Got Talent and the world

by Phil Schneider

America’s Got Talent is one of the most entertaining venues in the entertainment industry. When a young teen performs in such an impressive manner, it is impossible to not be moved. This music clip is a guaranteed 3 minute watch of pure enjoyment. Edon’s performance of Titanium is probably the best version you’ll ever see, and it’s as good today as it was 7 years ago when he performed it.

Modern Orthodox Jews in the United States of America

One of the noteworthy things about this talented young teenager is that he adorns a small yarmulke on his head. This is common among Orthodox Jews in many parts of the world. It should be noted that the Jewish people of all stripes live all across the United States of America. Many of the young people, like this young teenager are descendants of immigrants who came from Europe or Russia before or after World War II.

The Jewish immigrants came with a dream to live a better life, a free life, and to run away from pogroms and dictatorships. From this angle, the immigration of the Jewish people to America has been a major success. Indeed, the bulk of the Jewish immigrants have found their place within American society and are super productive. It’s no surprise to even see a young Jewish teenager – of the Orthodox flavor – performing a completely American song with amazing effortlessness.

It is these kinds of immigrants that have all helped build the United States. It is exactly these kinds of immigrants that are not typical of so many of the immigrants who are coming today. If Muslim children who come today will have children and grandchildren like this child in another generation or two, then we don’t have a major immigrant problem today. But the descendants of the 20 million+ illegal immigrants who came to the United States will probably rarely sing a song like this on a show like America’s Got Talent.

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