Admiral (Ret) James Lyons reveals Islam’s goal – Anti-Western Expansionism

by Phil Schneider

Admiral Lyons rips apart all of the administrations from President Carter, President Reagan, and until President Obama for not doing what they need to do to defeat the Islamic threat.

Marine Barracks Bombing

Under the watch of President Ronald Reagan, the marine barracks in Lebanon was bombed and hundreds of US soldiers were killed. Everybody expected a response from the United States, but basically none came. Admiral Lyons claims that the Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger would simply not agree to retaliate. The Admiral sees a lack of leadership from both the Democrat and the Republican side. He then claims that Caspar Weinberger and the Chief of Staff sabotaged an opportunity to bring down the Iranian regime back in 1987. Fast forward to the Iran agreement under the watch of the Obama administration. Admiral Lyons called the Iran deal a total sellout. He doesn’t mince any words and claims that there is not a stitch of logic behind the deal that Obama made withe the Ayatollahs.

His most powerful pronouncement is that Islam is Islam – a political movement that masquerades as a religion. Democracy is just a train that they use to advance the goals of Islam. When a 4-Star General with decades of experience says these things, it is hard to ignore it. On foreign policy credentials, there are few who have as much experience and know-how as this man. We should heed his warnings.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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