7 year old boy in Texas is forced to become a girl by his mother

by Avi Abelow

Take a look at this 7 year old boy in Texas, James Younger. What is happening to him is pure child abuse!

Abuse of 7 Year Old Boy in Texas

James Younger is just a 7 year old boy in Texas. Yes, a boy. And yes, only 7. Yet his mother is essentially forcing him to become a girl. She claims he wants to be a girl, but a 7 year old is not mature enough to make such an extreme decision. His mother paints his nails. She buys headbands for him. She dresses him in girl clothing. It is nothing other than child abuse!

It should make every sane person sick to his stomach that a parent would force their child to be transgender. The mother wants her son to start hormone-replacement therapy. That can be detrimental to his physical health. It is abhorrent to think that a parent ignores both the physical AND mental danger of transitioning the gender of a little child.

Father Denied Custody

James’ parents are divorced. His father wants to stop the child abuse and have full custody over James (as well as his twin brother). But the Texas jury denied his request. They are allowing for James’ mother to force her son to become a girl.

No child has the ability to understand what it means to switch genders. This problem is not just about James, this innocent 7-year-old boy, this is about a societal change that is educating, enabling and encouraging this kind of treatment of children.


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