26 year old Israeli woman being held in Russian prison as geopolitical pawn

by Leah Rosenberg

Naama Issachar has been sentenced to 7.5 years in a Russian prison. But the punishment does not fit the crime. They are holding her as a pawn.

Young Israeli in Russian Prison

Naama Issachar was on her way back to Israel from India. She had a stopover in a Moscow airport. After finding a few grams of pot in her checked suitcase, authorities detained her. Usually, it would just be a small fine. She is not a rapist. She is not a murderer.

But Russia sentenced her to 7.5 years in a Russian prison. Why? Because they are using a young 26 year old woman as a geopolitical pawn. They want a Russian prisoner released from Israel; a prisoner who deserves to be in jail, unlike Naama. The Russian prisoner is a criminal hacker; a mastermind. He has been charged with stealing millions from Americans.

Where are All the Feminists?

Where are all the feminists out there who want to fight for rights of women everywhere? Why aren’t they speaking up for Naama and pressuring the Russian authorities to release her? A woman should never be used as a political pawn. But the “feminists” and Women’s March supporters are nowhere to be found when things really matter.

What Russia is doing to Naama is unjust. Let’s all do our part to bring Naama home.

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