What Iran does to female journalists should make you cringe

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran mistreats female journalists. They imprison them! Why? For no reason. Iran is a tyranny. Iran is not a free country! Why aren’t feminists outraged?

Female Journalists

Female journalists deserve rights in Iran. They do not deserve to be imprisoned “just because.” They do not deserve to be treated the way that they are treated. These journalists have been arrested! Where is the free press? It does not exist in Iran!

So if it does not exist, why are more people not protesting? Where is the outrage? Where is the media? You would think more people would stand up for female journalists in Iran, especially in the Progressive world we live in. But once again, when it comes to what really matters, the world is silent…

Where is the Women’s March?

This is another example that proves that entities like the Women’s March do not really care about women’s rights throughout the world. Because in the places where women’s rights are actually lacking, the Women’s March is nowhere to be found. They only seem to make their voices heard when they want to criticize the Jewish people, Israel, or President Trump.

Maybe one day, the media will focus on what matters. Maybe one day, a Women’s March will take place to actually defend women’s rights in places like Iran, as oppose to claiming that America does not give women the same rights. One day, maybe…

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