PA Minister of Culture lied about history on live TV

by Leah Rosenberg

This is not the first time a PA official has lied about history. Actually, it happens quite often. But what the PA Minister of Culture said here is absurd.

PA Minister of Culture Lied!

If the Palestinian Authority was really a peace partner, would they have lied about history? Would they have chosen to mislead the public? Probably not. But they do not want peace. They want to take the entire land of Israel from the Jewish people and murder the entire nation of Israel.

And people fall for it. The Palestinian Arabs fall for the lies. The international world falls for the lies. It is almost laughable when you hear the way the PA Minister of Culture, Atef Abu Saif, was speaking. He claimed that Israel “came out of nowhere, without a history…stole our land, and wants to put an end to our existence.” What is so ironic is that this statement is true about the “Palestinians,” not about Israelis!

Archaeology DOES Prove it!

Another laughable claim: “There is nothing in history that proves its presence. They have not found one stone.” That lie is EASILY able to be disproved! Just take a look at all the archaeology in Israel. There is King David’s prayer alter, inscriptions on old pottery, artifacts, and more. The list is really never-ending. So when Atef Abu Saif makes comments such as, “They have not found one stone,” that is just so ridiculous. It is such a blatant and obvious lie!

The problem is not only that the Palestinian Authority denies Jewish history, but it is that the world believes them. The world is guilty as well.

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