Artifacts dating back thousands of years tie the Jewish people to Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish connection to Jerusalem is so clear. The Bible proves it. History proves it. Archaeology proves it. And these artifacts will blow you away!

Jewish Connection to Jerusalem

The Jewish people have had ties to Jerusalem for thousands of years. Centuries before the United Nations came into existence. Centuries before all the people who deny this Jewish connection were around. Yet, the facts just don’t seem good enough. Those fighting against this Jewish connection don’t care about the facts. History isn’t good enough for them. The Bible isn’t even good enough! But the connection is just so clear. And all the artifacts that have been dug up by archeologists are mind-blowing. It’s crazy how people can deny the eternal bond between Jerusalem and its indigenous people, the Jews! They are anti-Semitic or just plain uneducated. Or both.

The Unbelievable Artifacts

Artifacts have been found that strengthen the truth about the Jewish connection to Jerusalem. We are talking about artifacts that date back thousands of years! For example, a seal that belonged to someone spoken of in the book of Jeremiah. Another example is a coin that is 2,000 years old. It has ancient Hebrew written on it saying, “Holy Jerusalem.”

Why is it so Important?

What is so significant about all these artifacts proving the Jewish connection? As Ze’ev Orenstein of the City of David Foundation said, “The archaeological excavations taking place most notably in the City of David are affirming, not as a matter of faith, but as a matter of fact the connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem.”

Orenstein even showed actual ash from the destruction of the Temple that was found on the Temple Mount in the late 90s.

Everyday in Jerusalem and Israel, the Bible and history come to life.

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