King Hezekiah’s ring found outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!

by Leah Rosenberg

Archaeologists discovered something unbelievable right outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – King Hezekiah’s ring! And it dates back thousands of years!

Archaeological Finds

Israel is full of discoveries. Archaeologists are constantly finding more proof of the Jewish life that existed thousands of years ago all the way through today. Yes, there is proof of a Jewish Jerusalem, and it’s really impossible to deny. These findings also prove that the Bible is true – something many deny. Isiah’s 2,700 year old seal was discovered. Another one of the amazing findings in Jerusalem was King David’s prayer alter!

King Hezekiah’s ring

But that is not all. One of the many incredible and mind-blowing discoveries is King Hezekiah’s ring! His name is written on it in ancient Hebrew. Archaeologists discovered the seal right outside the Temple Mount. People want to claim that the Temple Mount doesn’t belong to the Jewish people, but archaeologists have revealed more and more that completely disproves those lies. Archaeologists imagine that Hezekiah signed documents 2,700 years ago with that seal! The king himself wore the ring. What an important find! And it is now on display for the very first time.

Jewish Jerusalem

The world continues to deny that Jerusalem was, is, and always will be Jewish. People talk about different parts of Jerusalem and a divided Jerusalem. That is all nonsense. There is so much proof that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people – historical, biblical, and archaeological. You name it, there is evidence. And all the evidence is especially relevant nowadays when so many deny the truth.

So when will the world start believing Jerusalem’s history?

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