The one thing that Alan Dershowitz and Dennis Prager agree on

by Leah Rosenberg

Alan Dershowitz and Dennis Prager are two of the leading Jewish thinkers of our time. Dershowitz and Prager generally disagree, but agree on free speech. Dershowitz does not believe that God gave us an instruction book along with this world. Prager does. Dershowitz defines himself as a moral relativist. Prager explains perhaps better than anyone else how dangerous this attitude is. They could probably argue for hours and hours about politics and Judaism.

Any time you bring Dershowitz and Prager into the same room, you know it will be good.  Both Professor Alan Dershowitz and Dennis Prager are geniuses.  But they tend to toe a different line on most issues.  But not when it comes to free speech.  On this matter, they see eye-to-eye.

Who is a greater threat – the left or the right?

The hard-right and the hard-left pose a clear threat to the Western world.  But Alan Dershowitz, a liberal, argues that the hard left is a much greater threat.  This trailer for the film, “No Safe Spaces,” looks like this is going to be a classic film that protects free speech.

Tenured professors are indeed a group that is one of the most problematic in the world.

Dershowitz gets it and so does Dennis Prager!

The Liberal left is the clear and present danger in The United States.  If things continue to descend even more in the USA, a civil war may even become something that the Left will support! Of course, it takes two to tango. However, don’t expect the right-wing to sit there and let the left tape their mouths shut.

Free Speech must win out. Let’s have a genuine War of Ideas and then we won’t have any fear of ever lifting arms against one another.

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