Ben Shapiro asks: Does science disprove God?

by Phil Schneider

Modern-day science has taken so many leaps and strides that it is hard to imagine a world without all of the modern-day developments. The technological revolution of the 19th century changed the world in so many profound ways. However, the challenge to prove or disprove God’s existence continued then and continues to this very day. However, one thing is clear today, science most certainly cannot disprove God’s existence. The question is can science prove God’s existence?

In truth, science may seem like the ultimate method to use in order to bring proofs. After all, what is more accurate and reliable than a scientific proof? Well, the answer is that there is indeed a better proof. There is one angle that is the source of belief for tens of millions of people across the world. It is the historical proof. This is so much more convincing – even though it cannot truly be called a scientific proof. This has been shown to be accurate in at least one thousand ways. It goes something like this: God delivered prophecies to prophets. They in turn transmitted these prophecies to the masses – in person and via writing them down. These prophecies included many details that would come true in the future. They came true. That means the prophecies and the source of the prophecies – God – exists.

Of course, this is an oversimplification, and of course one can punch holes in this argument. But, it holds water – especially in our generation. We live in a day and age when more and more prophecies seem to come true every day of our lives. The prophecies of a return to the Land of Israel were futuristic dreams for centuries. Today, they have become a reality. So, were there proofs that existed beforehand. Of course. But, there are those that will argue that God did not want there to be hard proof for his existence in this world. That would perhaps negate the ability to choose to believe in God’s involvement in this world.

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