Jerusalem discovery confirms the Bible!

by Phil Schneider

The land of Israel was largely an empty area on the Western slopes of the Middle East for many centuries. There were thousands of people, and sometimes tens of thousands of people, who lived in the area for a period of nearly 2,000 years. However, this empty area had once been a land of empires and millions of people who served God and fought wars against enemies who numbered in the millions too.

Facts, Not Speculation

The power of archaeology is that so much that is discovered serves as a perfect proof for so much that is written down in the #1 bestseller of history. The Bible. Of course, many arguments will be had with every discovery. But, the basic idea that shards of pottery or coins that literally have the words of the Bible etched into them are being unearthed is nothing more than unbelievable. This doesn’t happen anywhere in the world the way that it happens in the Land of Israel. Only in the Land of Israel is there an ancient text that has been passed down millions of times over the centuries that is now being proven to be historically accurate through archaeological digs.

Jerusalem is at the heart of the digging. The bulk of the digging in the Jerusalem area is in the area where both Temples stood – in the Old City of Jerusalem. The City of David archaeological digs stretch beyond the modern-day Old City Walls – right underneath the Silwan Valley. Ancient tunnels and paths that lead to the Temple Mount area are being dug up every day. There has rarely been a week that goes by without an amazing find. It is true that the Bible does not need archaeological confirmation. But it sure is amazing to see the Bible come to life with our own eyes.

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