The Craziest Attack on Random People in a Saudi Arabian Mall

by Avi Abelow

This is unbelievable!

This video has gone viral from Saudi Arabia. Allegedly, these Saudi Arabians are beating up random “palestinian” Arabs in a Saudi Arabian mall. Wait until you hear why!

These Saudi Arabians are angry for the disgusting treatment Arabs in Jerusalem treated a Saudi Arabian blogger, Mahmoud Saud, when he visited the Temple Mount.

Why is this unbelievable? Because usually the Arab Muslim world are all unified against Israel, and always supporting the Jew-hating genocidal crusade of the “palestinian” Arabs against the Jews in Israel.

Yet, this incident symbolizes a big change.

Saudi Arabians are livid at the “palestinian” Arabs for how they treated a Saudi Arabian blogger in Jerusalem.

The irony is that the “palestinian” Arabs attacked the Saudi Arabian blogger for supporting Israel!

So here we have Saudi Arabians taking out their anger on random “palestinian” Arabs, in a Saudi Arabian mall, in response to the disrespect and violence other “palestinian” Arabs used against a Saudi Arabian blogger for supporting Israel!

That is unbelievable!

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