Science has finally proven that atheism defies any logic and reason

by Phil Schneider

The life of an atheist is not simple. It is the life of a person who must go through life without a connection to their Creator. Many self-proclaimed atheists believe that they are the reasonable people in this day and age. Actually, atheists are the ones who have to explain so many things in our Universe happening randomly. This is way beyond the logic of a human being. But, atheists are generally still considered the cynical and logical ones, when in truth, they are the less reasonable ones.

God in our Life

The majority of the people in the Western world do believe in God. They are not 100% sure of God’s existence – even if they say so. But, they live a life of choice and belief. They choose to believe in God. Without focusing on the many proofs of God’s existence and involvement in our lives, God-believers have a major step up in their lives. Why? Because they are not alone. They don’t go through their lives in a state of lonesomeness – ever.

The State of Israel as a Proof of God’s Existence

Of all of the proof’s of God’s existence, modern Israeli history is one of the most convincing proofs. There are lots of explanations given for Israel’s existence in a sea of hatred. But truthfully, none of them really measure up and explain how Israel actually could survive. The best example is Israel’s War of Independence. Back in 1948, just a mere 3 years after the end of the Holocaust, the Jewish people literally came back to life and with barely any strong weapons, they somehow withstood 5 invading armies. Yes, army experts can analyze and award people for their bravery. But, the most logical explanation is certainly the involvement of a greater force. God’s Hand is felt every day by masses of people – not just in Israel – but all over the world.

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