The best explanation on the Jew-hater in Congress

by Avi Abelow

Omar denies it, others deny it, but the truth is clear: Ilhan Omar is a Jew-hater. She is antisemitic. And in case you missed it before, now you know.

The Jew-Hater in Congress

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Jew-hater in Congress. More than one, actually. But as explained in this video, Omar has not only compared Israel to Nazi Germany (and Iran), but she is using these tactics to push policies that discriminate against the Jewish people. It is completely sickening what she does. Omar uses her “power” for the bad. She is not using her position to help Americans or America’s allies. She uses her position in Congress to demonize Israel and promote anti-Israel legislation. Why don’t people see the truth? How can any Jewish person, and really any person who cares about morality, support her?

How Can Anyone Defend Her?

Even more than Omar’s antisemitic and preposterous comments, people actually defend her. There are those in the government and those in the world who actually claim she is not antisemitic. And then they claim that those who criticize her are the racist ones. Yes, that is how twisted our world is! It is called playing the racist card, and Omar and her supporters do it way too often.

And then there is Rashida Tlaib. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC. Oh, and we can’t forget about Ayanna Pressley. The four of them are called “The Squad.” They are bad for America, bad for its policies, bad for defending its values, and they should most definitely not be in positions where they have the power to influence anyone or anything. What is happening in the United States is truly frightening. It is a nightmare that one hopes never comes into fruition. Except, it already has begun to. America seriously needs to wake up before that nightmare becomes our reality forever.

Roe vs. Wade

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