Ilhan Omar’s Bill Compares Israel to Nazi Germany

by Avi Abelow

Ilhan Omar’s new boycott Israel bill, that was thankfully defeated on the House floor compares Israel to the Nazis. Obviously, she does it in a politically correct way, but the comparison is there and it is despicable. On the House floor, when speaking about the bill, she then compares the antiSemitic boycott-Israel movement, which is designed to destroy the only Jewish state in the world, Israel, to the Boston Tea Party.

In response to this disgrace, former NY assemblyman Dov Hikind tweeted: 

@IlhanMN put forth a Boycott bill against Israel that compares Israel to Nazi Germany! So…to recap, America’s running “concentration camps” & Israel needs to be boycotted like Nazi Germany?! And her defenders want to make as if she’s not anti-American & Antisemite?! Sicko!

Here is the verbiage from the House bill where she justifies America implementing anti-Israel activities by comparing Israel to the Nazis:


On the one hand, we can all be thankful that this horrendous bill was voted down on the House floor. However, people must understand that while this “battle” was won, Ilhan Omar and her fellow progressives in Congress, are waging a war against Israel, as well as the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of American society.

We must all keep our eyes wide open because this war against the Judeo-Christian values of America, with the Jews and Israel in the cross-hairs, has only just begun. While this bill has been voted down, the worst is yet to come. If their direction is not stopped, this bill will look like nothing compared to future bills they will introduce a few years down the line.

Where is the true danger today? Ilhan Omar and her partners are succeeding in mainstreaming Jew-hatred in America as well as ostracizing Israel as a pariah, “occupation” state, similar to the worst regimes of modern history. This is a true danger to American Jewry, Israel and to America as well.

We all should be very afraid as she successfully continues this war.

Unless the American people wake up to the danger that Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour and their progressive ilk pose to America and stop voting for them, then America will be seeing even more of these type of progressive, Muslim Brotherhood supporters winning future seats in Congress. As Rashida Tlaib said recently, “the Muslims are coming“. With the growing numbers of American Muslims, who associate themselves with Muslim Brotherhood organizations, there will be more and more of these type of Congressmen and women.

The sad irony that the American left is dismissing is that none of these Muslims are “progressives”. They have hijacked the progressive agenda, taking advantage of their “color” and “otherness” to join and lead the progressive American camp. Yet, as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Shariah law, their growth is dangerous for America as they support oppressive laws that will bring destruction upon America, and havoc to American Jewry, and big trouble for Israel.

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