Muslim Congresswoman Talib: “The Muslims are Coming”

by Avi Abelow

Americans have to wake up! Talib doesn’t just say the “Muslims are coming”, she says the “Muslims are now here in US Congress”. She said this at a HAMAS linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) conference in Chicago. This is dangerous stuff, that most Americans are oblivious to the implications.

The Muslim Brotherhood Agenda

CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front in the USA. The terror organization Hamas is also a terror arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The agenda of this Sunni Muslim organization is to take over the world. In the Middle East they use terror. That is why the Muslim Brotherhood is outlawed even in Arab Muslim countries in the Middle East! In the West, they have a strategy of stealth cultural jihad, where they take over the countries from the inside.

When Talib is speaking to a Muslim Brotherhood conference saying “The Muslims are here in Congress and other governments”, they are all applauding the success of their ultimate agenda for Islam to take over the world!

The Muslim Brotherhood vision for the world is sharia law, where non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens. The freedom loving world as we know it does not exist under Muslim countries with Sharia law. That is what they are in the process of bringing to the USA, and Congresswoman Talib, together with Congressman Omar, are the first Muslim US lawmakers on the frontline aiming to bring about this change to America.

Civil Rights Movement?

No, the Muslim Brotherhood is NOT a civil rights movement. The Democratic liberals in the USA are village idiots. Islam does NOT care about their values. Islam demands minority rights for themselves when they are a minority, then takes minoright rights away when they are the majority! Just look at every Muslim country in the world! There are plenty of examples.

Yet, Democrat liberals have been duped into belieiving that Muslims are partners in advocating for a liberal agenda. If Talib, Omar, CAIR and all the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organizations in the USA are not stopped, then pretty soon we will seeing no-go zones in US cities as are popping up across Western Europe with large Muslim populations. And that is just the first major sign of the Muslim conquest of America. From there it gets worse, much worse. Just look at the growing violence and rape rates in Western European cities with large Muslim populations.

Jesus the Jew – Not According to Talib

By the way, you have to love her lying about the history of our religions: “Jesus was born in my country, Palestine”. Jesus was a Jew born in the Jewish Kingdom of Judea, who visited the Jewish Temple. Her spreading this lie is an insult to all Jews and Christians.

Meet Rashida Talib

Roe vs. Wade

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