Incredible video of a Jerusalem secret…

by Phil Schneider

This independent art project changed the face of Jerusalem – at night. Inspired by our modern heroes, the artists’ mission to paint the shutters of Jerusalem’s shuk exploded in the media. See what happens “When the shutters close…” in the heart of Jerusalem.

In so many ways, the Jerusalem Shuk of Mahane Yehuda is the heart of “New Jerusalem.” But actually, it contains within it the stories of the Jewish people from all around the world. There is probably no other place in the entire country, let alone Jerusalem that so embodies the ingathering of the exiles.

You can literally see, smell, and hear so many languages of Jewish people who have all returned to the Holy Land from so many different continents. They all find their funique draw at the Jerusalem Market. Whether it is the quality of the fresh fruit, the prices, or the unique ambience of the small businessmen who chant the quality and the price of their goods, it is definitely an experience to be had.

Now, the hidden – after dark – side is revealed too.

History, Artistry, and some very talented young Jerusalemites are all fused together in this video featuring an amazing Jerusalem secret that has been spreading like wildfire amongst all who have seen it.

A short film by Shlomo Weprin and Joshua Fleisher

First Fruits
Blood Libel
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