Caroline Glick shut down the debate with this bombshell speech

by Phil Schneider

Caroline Glick understands that everything about the settlement argument against Jews in Israel is a clear violation of Civil Rights. Caroline understands that the entire argument of the Arabs who want their own State called Palestine, and who want it to be a Jew-free area are not at all concerned about anything but destroying the Jewish State.

Her argument is clear. The Hamas doesn’t want their own State. They only want the total destruction of the State of Israel. It says it clearly in their charter. But Caroline puts it out in a perfectly clear way.

Peace Treaties Are Doable

When Israel signed the peace treaty with Jordan, there was no land that was exchanged. Jordan just came to their senses once and for all and realized they have more to gain than to lose via a peace agreement. King Hussein, Yitzhak Rabin and Bill Clinton sat down , and their is a relatively durable peace agreement today. With Egypt, it was different. But even there, Anwar Sadat came around and decided he had more to gain than to lose via a peace agreement.

The same can happen in the area of Judea and Samaria too. But it will only happen when there is an Arab leadership that is willing to stand up and say proudly to their own people that they have so much more to gain than to lose from the constant state of war with the Jewish State.

Caroline’s argument that Jewish civil rights being trampled on via any plan to kick Jews out of their homeland is absolutely right. If Arabs indeed want to have a peaceful resolution, they won’t demand that Israel leave. That is the best proof that the Arabs don’t truly want to have a peaceful settlement.

One day, there will be peace in the Middle East – when the Arabs put down their weapons and decide to make peace.

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