After Muslims blast call to prayer, American Israeli teaches them the ultimate lesson

by Phil Schneider

There are many ways to battle Arab incitement. This one has got to be one of the most ridiculous ones ever thought of. In Israel, it is not rare to hear the loud wailing from Mosques. They bolt out their messages of prayer around 5 or 6 times a day – from before dawn till the nighttime. For people who are born in Israel, they take it for granted as one of the audible background voices that is common to hear. But for people who move to Israel from abroad, it is quite difficult to get used to.

Religious Freedom in Israel

Next time that someone claims that Israel does not tolerate their religious minority, ask them if Arabs are allowed to practice their religion freely in Israel. If they say, “Of course not,” then ask them about all of the mosques that wail the loud sounds of prayer from the minarets all over the State of Israel.

Israel take religious freedom to an extreme. The day that Israel liberated it’s Holiest Site, the Temple Mount, it did not change the status quo, but handed the keys to the Temple Mount right back to the Waqf. This, despite the fact that for 19 years, Jordan had not allowed the Jewish people to pray at the Western Wall, the outside wall of the Temple Mount.

But Israel always bends over backwards to satisfy it’s minorities. That may not be the image that Israel has, but it is the reality. Freedom of Religion is a wonderful thing – until the religion begins to attack other religions. That is what is beginning to go on in Europe and in parts of the United States. The Muslim religion is working to take over neighborhoods. Sometimes this is natural. But sometimes, we need a good megaphone, and we need to call out others who are threatening our way of life.

Arab Incitement
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