What Hamas is doing to these children will horrify you

by Avi Abelow

Welcome to a Hamas summer camp. Palestinian Arab children are learning terrorism. This is how the next generation will be. Peaceful? Not even a little.

Palestinian Arab Children

Children often times go to summer camps. They make friends. Create memories. Build skills. Palestinian Arab children will also be going to summer camp this year. Except what they do in camp is quite different than what Western world children do in summer camps. These children go to Hamas summer camps. They learn to shoot. To bomb. To kill. They learn to destroy the Jewish state and to murder innocent Jewish people.

This video shows the Al-Qassam Brigades promoting their summer camp. They register, just like a regular summer camp. Except it is nothing like a regular summer camp. It is a place where children learn everything they are not supposed to learn.

The Next Generation

The world wants peace in the Middle East. And then they blame Israel. But Israel is not the one with summer camps promoting terrorism. Israel is not the one teaching its children to kill. Actually, that’s the other side. It’s Hamas. It’s the Arab children learning the hate and violence.

If this doesn’t horrify you, what does?

New Israeli Prime Minister
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