The summer camp you would NEVER send your child to

by Leah Rosenberg

Welcome to a Palestinian Authority-run summer camp. Children are supposed to grow up learning good things. But not these Palestinian Arab children.

Summer Camp and Education

The Palestinian Arab world has a major problem: Education. They educate the next generation with hatred, violence, and anger. They even go as far as to poison their children’s summer camp with corrupt messages.

And that is exactly what can be seen in this video. It seems like a nice summer camp until they show you what really goes on. They burn pictures of President Trump and the American flag. They stomp on democracy. Educating the next generation in this way will only lead to more conflict.

Proper Education

Imagine what would happen if the Palestinian Arabs created summer camps like the Israelis do, with positive activities and growth-filled experiences. Imagine if the Palestinian Arab textbooks were not filled with hate and lies, but rather real history and science. Not only would there be no Middle East conflict, but the lives of Palestinian Arabs would improve dramatically.

We are still waiting for that day where it will no longer just be a hypothetical and abstract idea. We are waiting for the day where that will be the reality.

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