Palestinian Arab kids have no chance with education like this

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you see what Palestinian Arab kids are learning? This is beyond disturbing! Would you want your children growing up like this?

Palestinian Arab Kids

How can there be peace when this is what is broadcasted for Palestinian Arab kids and adults to watch? How can there be peace when one side educates the future generation with such vile hatred? It is even too sickening to watch. This is official Palestinian Authority TV. The leadership wants this to be shown to children. They want children to be brainwashed to murder Jews. Pure incitement! And it is really just child abuse. These children are being robbed of a peaceful future.

And Who Does the World Blame?

Why is it that the world blames Israel when these videos show the type of mindset that so many Palestinians Arabs have? It is not something out of the norm in their world. This is the appalling reality. This is their culture of hate.

The Two Worlds

The two worlds are so different. The Palestinian Arab leadership names its streets after terrorists. They pay terrorists. They applaud them. Israel, on the other hand, does not encourage murder or violence. Israel wants peace. They try every other method before using violence, but they have to do everything they can to protect and defend themselves. Why is the world so ignorant? The truth is right here for everyone to see! Why can’t people see it?

Debunking Media Lies
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