Israeli Arab boy gives corrupt message that is met with applause

by Leah Rosenberg

When this is what an Israeli Arab boy believes and is preaching to others, how can there be peace? This is just a glimpse at how many Arab kids are raised.

Israeli Arab boy’s Hateful Message

Welcome to official PA TV. This is what is broadcasted. Children are being asked about their hatred toward Israel. This one young child says that on the school radio, he says, “I tell all the Palestinian children there and explain to them that there is no such thing as Israel.” That is his message. That is what this Israeli Arab boy named Faisal wants the next generation and the world to know. He is preaching the hate. He is continuing it because, well, that is exactly what he was taught. You can see all the children sitting and listening. If this is the type of education that Palestinian Arab children are being fed on a daily basis, the future will not be any different.

The Jewish People Teach Love

The education that these Palestinian Arab children receive is the exact opposite of what Jewish children learn. Jewish children are taught to love and to accept people. They are not taught to kill, murder, hate, and destroy. Their education consists of positive things, not negative.

So it is really puzzling that the world still blames Israel for what is going on in the Middle East. The facts are available for everyone to see. The world can take a look at the “children’s” shows that are broadcasted to Palestinian Arab children. The truth is clear: It is the Palestinian Arabs that need to change, not the Israelis.


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