Iran attacks tanker ships, the Left attacks Trump. Here’s what Ben Shapiro has to say.

by Phil Schneider

The attack by Iran of the tanker ships is not something to be taken lightly. Not because it poses a major geopolitical threat to the United States. But because President Trump is liable to hit back without sufficient foresight. That’s right. One can support the policies of President Trump on the Middle East and be happy that he is the Commander in Chief, but also be wary of the fact that he tends to make decisions on major aspects of national security in a rather emotional – manage by the gut – manner. That is dangerous. There is clear historical precedent of problematic decision making in the Oval Office. It’s not just the decisions – it’s the process of decision making.

Character Does Matter

The character issue was brought up repeatedly by both candidates – Trump and Clinton. They were both right. Each brought major character flaws into the ring, and the electorate had to choose between them. Enough people were ready for a change from Barack Obama and they overlooked the character flaws of candidate Trump. This may have been the right decision. But now, the character flaws may come back to haunt the United States.

There are times when it is simply not prudent to get involved in a War – even if it seems clear that good must confront evil – and entering a battle is a decision to confront evil. There are many things that strict economic sanctions do better than heavier artillery. The one thing that calms me about President Trump is that he seems very willing to confront tyrants with strict economic sanctions – and this America can do very effectively.

Iran’s attack should not bring us back to the Persian Gulf. It should lead to a n even further strangulation of the Iranian economy.

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