The ancient trail from Jericho to Jerusalem like you’ve never seen before

by Chaya Cikk

This is the ancient trail that some young Christian Vloggers, video bloggers took. From the ancient city of Jericho to the holy city of Jerusalem. It is amazing that they came to Israel to do this.

Ancient Trail

Walking the ancient trails throughout Israel is amazing! You get to see so many different sights. There are so many people who come from all over the world to walk through the land of Israel. There are so many trails and hikes to walk, so many beautiful places to see.

Israel is so much older than 71 years, it’s so much more than a modern state. Furthermore, there are many archaeological digs happening all over the country. It is so cool to find pottery, coins, mosaics and other artifacts from ancient history. The stories are coming to life.


Jericho is an ancient city located near the Jordan river. It was the first city the Jewish People conquered when they entered the land of Israel. They circled the walls of the city, once a day for six days, as well as blowing trumpets. On the seventh day, the Jews walked around the city walls seven times and on the last time, the walls fell down. Jericho is one a city that has been inhabited since ancient times.


Jerusalem, another ancient city in Israel, a holy city to many religions. The capital of Israel, a place where the Temple once stood. There are so many different stories that happened here, this is another city that has been inhabited since ancient times.

Finally, there have been so many archaeological digs across Israel. We continue to dig, anything we find helps us learn from our history. Next time on your trip to Israel go and visit an archaeological dig! Or walk an ancient trail in this great country!

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