Ted Cruz gives the answer to ending Big Tech censorship

by Leah Rosenberg

The thing about Ted Cruz is that he is not afraid to speak the truth and call out those who need to be condemned. And that is exactly what he did here.

Ted Cruz on Big Tech Bias

Ted Cruz openly speaks in this video about the extreme bias that Big Tech has – including Google, Facebook, Youtube, and more. They try to silence Conservatives. They try to silence those who are pro-Israel. It is almost too crazy to believe, but it is true. Big Tech lets politics get in the way. It is called censorship, and it is NOT okay. Where is the neutrality? How are they allowed to silence views that they disagree with?

So, What is the Answer?

Well, currently, companies that are considered Big Tech have immunity from liability from Congress. People are not allowed to sue Big Tech. Someone can sue The New York Times, for example, but not Big Tech. Ted Cruz knows that the solution is not simple, but part of the problem is this immunity that Congress gives to Big Tech.

Cruz does not believe in a federal “speech police.” But the issue is serious. It needs to be dealt with soon before Big Tech starts to censor even more than they already have.

Where is America Headed?

Political censorship has gone too far. Where is America headed? What happened to sharing opinions, thoughts, and beliefs without being censored? Why are major companies ruining the freedoms upon which America stands? There are many, many questions. But Big Tech should be ashamed that they are destroying the foundation of America.

Dr. Risch

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